Project Description

Project Type Scheme Amendment; Additional Use; Regional
Planning Involvement Scheme Amendment preparation and lodgment, Negotiation with Local Authorities
Outcome Proposed Scheme Amendment approved

FORMSCAPE was approached by Red Sun Camels, who wanted to be able to host tours of their camel farm to aspiring visitors. This relates to their main business as a camel tour operator providing scenic tours along Cable Beach.

However, providing on-site tours of the camel farm was considered a ‘commercial activity’, and to fall under the ‘Zoological Gardens’ land use category, which was a non-permitted use under the Shire of Broome’s Planning Scheme for the property at the time. In order to legally be able to operate tours of the camel farm to visitors, a change of use development application would not be enough. Instead, a ‘Scheme Amendment’ was required so as to allow for the additional use for that particular property under the Shire’s Local Planning Scheme.

FORMSCAPE prepared the application for such a scheme amendment, which required detailed investigation into the planning framework of the Shire, and to demonstrate that any potential issues can be adequately addressed. Prior to this, a Bushfire Hazard Level Assessment and Bushfire Management Plan was undertaken and prepared by WABAL (Western Australian Bushfire Assessment Logic), who are also part of the WABCA Group.

The scheme amendment application was lodged to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), the body responsible for approving scheme amendments. Notwithstanding, WAPC were required to seek the advice of the relevant Local Government, and required the Minister to formally approve the proposed scheme amendment. During this period, FORMSCAPE liaised with the authorities so as to address matters which were raised, and to ensure that the Scheme Amendment process occurred as smoothly as possible, to the satisfaction of all relevant parties.

Ultimately, approval for the Scheme Amendment was granted and gazette by the Shire of Broome. The impact of the Scheme Amendment is reflected by ‘The Ultimate Camel Experience’ tour provided by Red Sun Camels.