Project Description

Project Type Mixed Use; Specialised Accommodation; New Development
Planning Involvement Assessment, Lodgment and Handling of Development Application, Negotiation with Local Government, Engagement with Specialists
Outcome Development Approval granted

FORMSCAPE and WABCA Group were approached by builders who sought work with the new landowners of the site to establish a specialised respite centre. The centre provides short term accommodation for recently discharged hospital patients and facilities such as an indoor pool with disabled access, sauna, gym, and recreational areas, all while being looked after by on-site carers.

Seeking to ensure that the design complies, and assistance with the Development Application, FORMSCAPE was engaged to assess the proposal against relevant local planning framework, prepare and lodge the application, and relevant documents, and provide comprehensive justification for minor variations to planning requirements. Meanwhile, WABCA Group prepared a Bushfire Management plan, as a minor portion of the site was situated within a bushfire prone area.

Upon the Local Government’s request, FORMSCAPE also engaged and liaised with traffic and acoustic specialists on the behalf of the builders and landowners, in order to demonstrate that the proposal will not adversely impact upon the local traffic of the area, nor be impacted by a nearby major transport route.

The result of ample due diligence and working alongside the relevant stakeholders and specialists, was that Development Approval was granted for the Respite Centre.