Project Description

Project Type Residential; New Development; Grouped Dwellings
Planning Involvement Assessment, Lodgment and Handling of Development Application, Negotiation with Local Government
Outcome Development Approval granted

FORMSCAPE and WABCA Group were approached by landowners who had recently subdivided their residential lot to create a duplex and two vacant battle-axe lots at the rear. Seeking to further optimize the use of their property, WABCA Group were sought to design and prepare drawings for two grouped dwellings. FORMSCAPE

performed a comprehensive planning assessment and provided design advice to address the relevant local planning framework.

Due to the constrained proportions of the lots and the site’s topography, some variations to the planning requirements were present. While some were addressed during the design phase, others such as lot boundary setbacks were difficult to avoid without compromising the feasibility of the project. Upon recommending the most optimal approach, FORMSCAPE prepared and lodged the Development Application, which was accompanied by comprehensive justification for the designs.

After a few minor design modifications, the Local Government deemed the proposal to adequately address the relevant design principles and planning framework, as subsequently granted Development Approval for the two grouped dwellings and related works.