R-Code Justification Reports

If you are creating a customised design, or trying to fit a predesigned home on a lot, you most likely will be submitting an application for planning approval that does not meet the 'deemed-to-comply' criteria of a Local Planning Policy or the Western Australian Residential Design Codes 2018 (R-Codes). Without submitting a variation report (also known as a justification report or letter) with your application, the assessing authority will either reject your application or advise you of the area/s of non-compliance often a month after they receive your planning application.

FORMSCAPE provides advice on your proposed design variations in terms of the likelihood of being approved with an appropriately drafted report, or provide alternative design concepts for your consideration. When we prepare justification reports for our clients, we try to ensure that such variations will be approved based on advice from Council and previous experience in dealing with that local authority.

A FORMSCAPE justification report will provide a detailed yet clear and concise argument outlining why the particular variation/s should be approved based on the relevant 'performance criteria' or 'design principles.'


Common R-Code Variations

There are many ways in which the R-Codes and Local Planning Policies are varied. Depending on the context, significance, and often the Local Governemnt, the scope of variation will change. Common variations include:

  • Overlooking behind an adjoining property's setback
  • Garage width greater than 50% of lot frontage
  • Reduced street setback
  • On boundary wall lengths
  • Setback of walls


What We Need From You

  • Set of detailed plans to scale, including site plan, floor plans and elevations
  • List of the variations or issues you have identified, or we can undertake a planning assessment for you
  • If aplicable, the letter or correspondance recieved from the Local Authority listing the area/s of non-compliance


Preparing Your Justification Report or Letter

Upon recieving what we need from you, we prepare a justification report providing a background on the proposal, addressing the relevant design principles or performance criteria, and preparing any diagrams, photos and additional information required. This can then be sent back to you or forwarded directly to the assessing officer.

If you don't know if your proposal has non-compliances prior to lodging a planning application we can undertake a full planning assessment based on the relevant planning framework. We will advise if we find any variations, and if we do, provide justification. Alternatively, there are times where we are approached with a variation that we believe cannot be justified. In these instances, we enjoy sitting down with our clients and coming up with cost effective design alternatives to achieve their design goals within the limits of planning compatibility.


How Much does a Justification Report Cost?

Using a Town Planning consultant for residential planning applications are a lot more cost effective than you would think. Our experience can allow us to prepare a report extremely efficiently, often taking less than an hour of our consultants time. Give us a call or email us your plans for a free fixed price quote and preliminary discussion.



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