FORMSCAPE provides a comprehensive array of outcome-based town planning services tailored to assist clients with built form projects and small scale subdivisions. Understanding the needs of our clients is critical to providing you with the best possible services for your project.

We are part of a group of companies were we have the ability to take a project from brief to delivery without needing to outsource by having architects and designers, building surveyors, energy assessors and bushfire specialists employed within the same parent company, WABCA Group. This allow us deliver every part of every job to the highest standard, and without hidden or additional costs.

We are actively assisting our clients by providing a range of town planning services. Click on the tabs below to explore what FORMSCAPE has to offer.


Development Applications

FORMSCAPE are experienced with preparing and assisting with a range of different types of Development Applications such as Commercial, Residential, Alterations and Additions, and Retrospective. Visit the Development Applications page to find out more.


Your first step towards pursuing a development project or lease agreement is to ensure that it is feasible. A planning consultant can provide professional advice, define parameters, and predict potential yields to provide you with the ability to make informed decisions in respect to planning requirements. FORMSCAPE can also assist with producing concept plans with Approvals By Designs to put your visions on paper. Speak to one of our planning consultants today to find out more.

Development Assessments

Having your project assessed by a qualified town planner before lodging a Development Application or a Building Permit allows you to address planning requirements during the design phase and minimise risks of delays and rejection after lodgement. Visit the Planning Assessment page to find out more.

Planning Reports

Development Applications often require a range of documents and information to accompany the proposed plans in order for Relevant Authorities to have sufficient information to grant Development Approval. In certain situations however, a descriptive report alone will not suffice.

In situations where a proposal does not comply with a 'deemed-to-comply' planning provision, justification is required to assert that the proposal is worthy of being approved. Visit the Variation Reports page to find out more.

For larger developments, it is common for additional reports to be provided in relation to parking, waste, and traffic. Visit the Additional Reports page to find out more.

Representation & Appeals

There may be times where, despite efforts to address planning requirements, you risk having your Development Application refused. FORMSCAPE can assist in such instances through liaising with Local Authorities, presenting at Council Meetings, and lodging appeals with the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) on your behalf. Visit the Town Planning Appeals page to find out more.


The nature of how land is legally divided has great influence on how it can be developed and utilised. If you wish to optimise the use of your land, FORMSCAPE can provide you with advice on feasibility, and prepare Subdivision and Strata Plan Applications on your behalf to enable you to make informed decisions and unlock greater value and potential from your property. Visit the Subdivision page to find out more.

Structure Plans & Local Development Plans

For large scale developments involving multiple developments within a sizeable parcel of land, more encompasing plans are required. These can range from Local Development Plans which address urban design matters, to Structure Plans which also encompass wider infrastructure and environmental matters. In any case, FORMSCAPE can prepare such plans so you don't have to. Speak to one of our planning consulants today find out more.

Project Management & Coordination

Development projects often involve the coordination of a wide range of consultants and professionals, whether it involves demolition, site feature surveys, or the need for technical plans and reports relaitng to matters such as stormwater, traffic, fire, and/or environmental matters. FORMSCAPE can provide project coordination and management services so that you can focus on design and building matters and be ready to construct.

Scheme Amendments & Submissions

Town Planning Schemes are often amended in light of revised priorities and evolving circumstances. Scheme Amendments can involve alterations to the scheme text, scheme maps, or both components. Proposing a Scheme Amendment is an option in situations where you wish to carry out certain development within a parcel of land which is not permitted according to existing scheme provisions, or where you wish to limit certain developments considered undesirable.

Conversely, new and proposed updates to, planning schemes, policies, and strategies, are required to be advertised to the public for comment. Submissions received from the public will then inform the final document to be gazetted.

A qualified planning consultant can provide you with professional insight into such matters and prepare a formal Scheme Amendment application or submission on your behalf. If you are considering proposing a scheme amendment or sending a formal submission, speak to a planning consultant at FORMSCAPE today.