Project Approvals, Design Advice, and Due Diligence

10 Multi Unit Dwellings - City of Bayswater

Client: Crystal Pacific (Developer) & Eames Architects


FORMSCAPE was initially approached to provide due diligence prior to the purchase of the highly constrained site which had a topograpical fall of over 6.5m. A decision was made to purchase the lot on FORMSCAPE's formal advice. Due to the difficult nature of the site, and the City of Bayswater's high standards for urban design, it was recommended that an architect be appointed to join the project team to ensure a high quality design outcome occcured.


After adopting a consultative process with the Council planning officers, approval was granted on the application's first presentation to the committee and full council. The verdict was unanimous at the development services committee meeting. Significant variations were approved, including 2m variations to external wall heights, dual vehicle access, the removal of a street tree, overall building height, and plot ratio.


Change of Use, Preparation of Plans, Negotiation with MRWA & Department of Planning, Traffic Impact Assessment

Truck Sales yard and Mechanic – City of Armadale

Client: Tenant - WA Diesal and Hydraulic


The client had leased a new property to expand their business, the proposal had required 65 car bays, however only 28 were able to be provided. Main Roads WA were also imposing a condition to close the primary access which would be a significant impact to the business viability at the new site.


The access was negotiated with MRWA to be maintained as open for 10 years. The significant parking shortfall was argued to be sufficient for the purpose of the business.

Change of Use, Heritage Impact Assessment, Signage Application

Heritage Beauty Clinic - City of Fremantle

Client: Clear Skincare


The client previously difficulties with Planning Departments in Perth when trying to open up new premises requiring a change of use. Given the heritage status of the building special design considerations had to be demonstrated and argued it would not impact the heritage value of the premises.


Approval was recieved in ony 5 weeks with no requests for further information required by the City.


Clear Skin Care Fremantle Change of Use

Built Form Design Advice, Planning Report, Negotation and SAT Mediation

4 Dwelling Multi Unit Development – City of South Perth

Client: Architect & Developer

Brief & Outcome

The client approached FORMSCAPE shortly after purchasing the 500m2 subject site. Whilst the site was zoned R80, it was in an establish low density area with surrounding lots being of a lower density. FORMSCAPE was able to establish an effective carparking configuration which minimised the area lost on site for hard standing vehicles.

The initial design, whilst being supported by both the Design Advisory Committee and Planning Officers was voted down by the Council. 

FORMSCAPE immediately initiated an appeal at the State Administrative Tribunal and successfully mediated an outcome keeping the yeild of the development whilst reducing the overall bulk and recieved unanimous support from the Councillors.

Heritage Impact Assessment, Management of Planning & Building Approvals Process

Heritage Refit Newspaper House - City of Perth

Client: National Recruitement Firm & CDI Group


The client wanted to install a full height glass screen partition to the interior of a State Heritage listed premise located in Perth's CBD. 


FORMSCAPE coordinated the preparation of drawings, compliance with BCA requirements related to travel distances, access, and ventilation as well as preparing a heritage impact assessment.

Built Form Design Advice, Preliminary Assessment, Planning Variation Report, Management of Planning & Building Approvals Process, Advice on Conditions

Dome House – City of Armadale

Client: Owner Builder


FORMSCAPE was approached by a client wanting to build an extremely unique home in the Perth Hills on a heavily sloping site where the previous home had been lost to bushfire. The style, commonly referred to as a ‘Monolithic Dome’ is known for its natural strength, which can apparently withstand explosions, heavy snow loads and bushfire.

The design had been developed in Texas which presented initial difficulties in assessing compliance with planning requirements. FORMSCAPE's in house drafting department was able to adapt the plans and apply them to the difficult site which has a natural fall of over 10m.


Despite being the 15m dome with under croft garaging being extremely unconventional in appearance and facing heavy opposition from adjoining residents, the FORMSCAPE was recently advised conditional planning approval would be granted after a 6 week period.