Why Planning Consulting?

Planning consultants offer a wide range of advice drawing from experience with a variety of development projects and authorities. With understanding of the potential pitfalls a project may encounter, planning consultants ensure that these are suitably addressed in order for the planning process to run as smoothly and be as timely and cost effective as possible. Planning consultants typically provide the following assistance:

  • Identify the relevant planning framework that will shape development, including Detailed Area Plans/Local Development Plans, Structure Plans, Local Planning Policy, Scheme provisions and Residential Design Codes;
  • Define the opportunities and threats in relation to the proposal;
  • Provide advice to the client;
  • Liaise with the client and the Local Government;
  • Represent the client through attendance and presentation of the proposal at Council meeting where required;
  • Suggest ways in which the project can comply, or mitigate the nature of any non-compliance issues identified;
  • Address instances of planning variations through providing comprehensive written justification to accompany the lodgement of a development application;
  • Prepare and submit development applications on the behalf of the client;
  • Follow the Development Approval process through to conclusion and prepare advice where required;
  • Appeal against the refusal or conditions of a development application where required;
  • Attend Directions hearings and mediation at the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) in order to develop and consider compromises as required.

At FORMSCAPE, we provide all of the above listed planning consultancy services in order to ensure that your project has the greatest chance of success. For more information, please contact 9355 5484 to discuss your proposal with an experienced planning consultant.